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It's Time to Order the Perfect Holiday Gift - The Official 2011 Solheim Cup DVD

Alongside the essential action, the Official Review examines Europe’s daring strategy, and recalls how the world class teams had to contend not only with each other and the stunning Killeen Castle course, but also the demanding weather.

After three successive defeats, regaining The Solheim Cup would require all of Europe’s steely determination and Captain Alison Nicholas worked tirelessly to instil belief in her team.

With score tied at 8-8, Europe would have to win the final day singles, something they had achieved only once in the last six tournaments.

As the final day dawned, the golfers found themselves embroiled in an explosive, action-packed clash in torrential rain and thunderstorms. The question on everyone’s lips was a simple one; would Nicholas’s strategy of resting some of her key players pay off?

The Official Review is the comprehensive record of an absording, unpredictable and unforgettable contest – The 2011 Solheim Cup.

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